Albums I'm Looking Forward To In 2008

The last year I can remember having numerous albums released that meant something to me (albums that might go in my top 50 or even my top 10 lists) was 2005 when Coldplay (shown above) and Depeche Mode both released amazing albums. I have a feeling that 2008 might be another big year, since there are so many albums that I'm looking forward to. Here's a list of them:

--Coldplay will be releasing their fourth album. X & Y, which came out in 2005, is one of my all-time favorite albums. This one is being produced by Brian Eno, who has done great things with groups like U2. This album, still unnamed, is supposed to come out early summer. 

--Speaking of U2, they've been working on an album that should be releasing this year. I liked their last one, How To Dismantle A Bomb. 

--Goldfrapp is coming out with a new album in the next few weeks. You've probably heard some of her music on commercials. It's funky Euro synth pop. This album is supposed to be a little more mellow. 

--The Cure is releasing another album (that should've been released last fall). I'm sure it will be good for rainy, melancholy days. All those people who used to mock me in the 80's for listening to them while they listened to their big-haired rock groups--which groups are still around now, huh? 

--Oasis. Here's another British group that I enjoy. I don't love them like Coldplay, but I still like the brothers. 

--Madonna is releasing a new album this year. I still like her. Her last album was very energetic and fun. 

--Imogen Heap is in the studio now working on her next album. Speak For Yourself, her last album, was one of those meaningful releases in 2005. (Her myspace page has video blogs of her, which are fun to watch). 

There are other groups, like Keane and Massive Attack, that should have albums out sometime this year. And I've read that Depeche Mode will be going into the studio to record another album. That would be great if it was released this year, though it's doubtful. 

I love discovering new music as well as discovering for myself stuff that's been around for a long time. But all these groups mentioned will have albums I'll buy on the day they're released. Hopefully a few of them will join the ranks of my all-time favorites.