Getting over "the hump"

No matter how many mornings I come to the computer and sit down and stare at the screen, some things never change. Inspiration is not an ingredient like pouring cream into coffee. You can't search for it online like you might google a historical fact. Inspiration doesn't necessarily produce writing. But writing can produce inspiration. 

I find that sitting down and writing needs to be a routine. Some mornings come more easy than others. But what happens in this routine is you manage to get over the hump. It might take a few sentences or a few pages, but soon you find yourself and your voice and your inspiration. Soon you're in a flow, producing something you deem as decent and seeing the words pour out. 

This doesn't necessarily come easily, and you can't force it. But you can develop a routine and know that routine. You can tell yourself that even if you're writing complete crap, that it might serve for getting over the hump and allowing you to write something beautiful. Most people just starting to write don't develop this routine or don't get past the hump. They get stuck in the mire and then they stop. It's so easy to do because you want to write like the wind, your heart full and your soul pleased, your prose magnificent and meticulous. You want to gush at your computer and produce something gush-worthy. 

Inspiration can come, whether it be nine in the morning or nine minutes past eleven at night. And when it does, write. Write away. But don't let inspiration drive your writing. Let your writing drive everything else. The rest will follow.